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Molecular formula
Dextran 5 for injection; Dextran 10 for injection; Dextran20 for injection; Dextran 40 for injection; Dextran 60 for injection; Dextran 70 for injection;

The Dextran is produced based on the fermentation of Leuconnostoc mesenteroide NRRL in the presence of sucrose. According to the traditional technology, the high molecular weight dextran produced form fermentation is hydrolyzed to obtain dextran with molecular with form 1000 to hundreds of thousands. Then the hydrolyzed dextran is frctioned by precipitated with organic solvent such as alcohol. Our company adopt the world leading no-alcohol membrance isolation technology to extract, isolate, purify and refine the dextran product with hign quality.

Dextran 40 for Injection
White powder, odorless and tasteless, very soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, molecular mass distribution 32,000 to 42,000. Up to USP28, BP2004 and EP5.0 standard.

Action and use: Used for clinical injection, synthesize dextran gel and other important derivatives; plasma volume expander, improve the microcirculation, keep blood from bolting formation and benefit urine function;
Cure use the film layer, have already reached commercial intercourse with American Kodak compnay.
Packing: Double PE/aluminum foil/PET film layer bag, paper drum for the 25 Kgs/drum outside pack.
Completed the registration in India and Uzbekistan and registering in Ukraine and Russia.


Molecular weight and molecular

Dextran 4

3 500-4 500

Dextran 5

4 000-6 000

Dextran 10

9 500-11 500

Dextran 20

16 000- 24 000

Dextran 40

35 000- 45 000

Dextran 60

54 000- 66 000

Dextran 70

64 000-76 000

Molecular formula

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