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Oxytetracycline LA 10% Inj.

Per ml solution Oxytetracycline:100mg.
Infections caused by micro-organisms in cattle, pigs, sheep and goats sensitive for Oxytetracycline, especially indicated for the treatment of systemic diseases, respiratory infections, Bedsonias and local disturbances.
Dosage and administration: 

Cattle: 4ml per 100kg body weight daily.
Sheep, goats, pigs: 2-3ml per 50kg body weight daily.
Ovine, caprins, porcins: 2-3ml per 50kg body weight daily.
Cats, dogs: 1ml per 10kg body weight daily.
These doses may be repeated during 4-5days (if necessary.)

Withdrawal period
Meat: 14days
Milk: 3days
dry and dark between 8℃and 15℃
Keep medicine away from children.

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