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It is a liquid fermentation product of Streptomyces avermitilis and is a mixture of Avermectin B1a and B1b.
Formula and molecular Weight:
B1a C48H72O14=872.1
B1b C47H70O14=858.1
The purity of B1 is at least 95% in dry product,and B1a is not less than 90%.
This product is white or light yellow crystalline powder.

Its melting point is 157-162¡æ.The product is easily soluble in ethyl acetate,acetone and chloroform,slightly solublein hexane and petroleum ether, but unsoluble in water.

The product is an antibiotic agent, which is active against nematodes, insects, mites and the like.
Injection and tablet made from the product are indicated for the treatment of gastrointestinal nematodes, hyproderma bovis, hyproderma lineatum, sheep nose bot, psoroptes ovis,sarcoptes scabiei var suis, sarcoptes ovis and the like. Recommended dosage:0.2-0.3mg/kg b.w. avermectin. The product may be formulated as an insecticide and miticide used in agriculture, which is efficacious against mites, diamondback worm, common cabbage worm, leafminers, psylla, nematodes and the like.

Sealed tightly and stored away from light in a cool and dry place.

(3) 4%mother liquor;
(4)1% Injection;

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